Hello beautiful souls,
Welcome to my website!

If you’re looking to enhance your wellbeing and connect with your body in ways that are soothing, uplifting and empowering; I encourage you to schedule your next appointment today!

I am an energy intuitive healer, certified as a mobile massage therapist. I am trained in a variety of massage modalities  ( Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology ...) as well as Reiki.  Each session is individually tailored to meet your specific needs and achieve greater levels of relaxation and attunement with your own body. Your body is a sacred temple. It is the house of your spirit.  It needs to be nurtured and respected to stay healthy and strong.

Choose the service that you feel will better serve you and take the time to reconnect with your body's wisdom.  You will be glad you did. I am available by appointment only at your home, office or Hotel. A courtesy 24 hr notice for appointments is recommended, yet I may be able to accommodate you within an hours time based on my location. To schedule please click on "Book a Session" in the contact me tab. I will call you back to confirm the details of your appointment, and also answer any questions you might have.

Have a blessed day!!!

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Licensed Massage Therapist

Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist is part of Francesca's soul searching self loving journey into being the best version of herself. She has learned the importance of self care and body awareness in today's fast paced world. Reconnecting with the body through the power of the human touch has allowed her to reach higher levels of self awareness and know herself at a deeper level. Through self discovery one can access the spiritual recovery of ones lost identity. Thus she has found her true identity as a healer. She is both dedicated and committed to helping others via her "Holistic Touch" to achieve greater awareness of their own bodies and intrinsically reconnect to their own bodies wisdom in a more integrated and wholesome way.


Creator Affirmation

I am here as a creator; a force in motion, energy in alchemy.

I am willing to grow, and to open as I live, love, learn, teach, experience and create.

I am here to nurture and be nurtured, to inhale and exhale.

I am willing to not know what I am fully capable of, for I have not yet shown myself.

I am excited to see. I am willing to let go of the limits others have imposed on me, and to see for myselfhow far I can walk and run without falling.

I am willing to fall - it is amazing the perspective you can get from the floor.

I am willing to be brilliant and I am willing to be simple.

I am willing to experience the brilliance in simplicity. It is amazing that I breathe and exist as a body and a spirit. It is amazing to be alive. It is amazing what is yet to unfold from this spirit and body's journey.

I am a creator. I am here to voice, dance, see, feel, love, touch, sense my way through the mystery of this life, creating with it as I go.

Inhale, exhale. Reinventing the wheel. Seeing my evolution with every revolution of the wheel. The wheel.

I am a part of it. Driver, passenger, parent, child. I am love. I am Creator.